"Cuvée de François" 2017

Soil: granitic, high natural filtering, dry and poor, favourable to high quality wine production

Grapes: Gamay black, white juice

Vines Age: 50 years and more 

Cultivation method:  Biodynamie , DEMETER certification in addition to ECOCERT organic certification (FR-BIO-01), High density plantation (more than 6500 plants/ ha)


Vines suffered from the spring’s frost which destroyed half of the harvest. Vegetative cycle recovered very quickly due to high temperatures during the late spring and all along the summer. This dry weather enabled high quality and concentrated grapes for a quantitatively limited harvest. 

Harvest:  9th and 10th September 2017. Fully manual harvest with double selection (from harvester and at harvesting bin) 

Wine growing method : Traditional “Beaujolaise” at low temperature, no additives, indigenes yeast. Farmed 10 months in a 36 HL wooden barrel aged of 80 years enabling roundness with no/low wood flavour.

Analysis: 13°, 19 mg SO2 in total (only at bottling)

Bottle: 75cl and Magnum 1.5L

Conservation: more than 5 years 

Tasting:  Exceptional full body mileage, balanced and round. To be tasted at 15° during a festive meal.